This is the work of a fourth grader who belongs to the group of people from a lower economic background. She is currently studying in a school where she receives free education. The only thing that is demanded from her in return is that she works hard in reading and writing and wears clean clothes. She’s trying her best to spell out words and to write them as well. Its easier to say everything she learns orally and to memorize everything but it’s difficult when she’s asked the meaning of those words be they in English or Urdu.

She is in grade 4 but she needs someone who can invest a lot of time in her. She doesn’t have a good base and the picture is an illustration.

Perhaps when we start looking at children around us who need our help, we start realizing how much our own problems have shrunk. Maybe we need their help more than they need ours.

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There was only one chair in his shop and he asked his friend to let me sit on it. I have witnessed the hospitality of Balochs earlier as well. Their hearts are big even for strangers, strangers who do not belong to their province.

I asked him about his life and if everything at home was alright and he said the following:

“I am from Balochistan and I sell clothes. Because of the instability in my province, I had to relocate my family to Lahore. I miss Balochistan and we are better off there than here, since we have land and a good house there. But because I was always worried about my family, I moved them here. My younger siblings go to school. And I hope one day we can go back.”

I didn’t buy anything from his shop and yet he was so kind to me.

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"Main bara ho kar police banu ga."

He was so cute and I felt like talking to him forever. When he told me that he wanted to become a police man, i asked him why, he said that a lot of bad people need to be in jail. In his spare time he watches CID- the low budget Hindi version of Castle, and aspires to become ACP Pradyuman.

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O Allah, bestow your Mercy on our suffering brothers and sisters everywhere, and open up the doors of your Rahmah for them. O Allah, they are living in misery, so extend your rizq and your aide to them. O Allah, our brothers and sisters are neglected and abused, treated as less than human because they have believed in You… O Allah, be their support, for they have no one but You. Be their help and their aide, for they have no one but You.

O Allah, our hands are tied from helping our brethren, though our hearts bleed for them. So we raise our hands to you, Lord of the weak and the oppressed, Helper of the destitute… and we ask that you alleviate their suffering. Grant them peace and security. Avert their calamities and raise their status in this world and the next.


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In my neighborhood there is this beautiful woman who is constantly trying to bridge the gaps between the haves and the have-nots. Something that the Quran emphasizes upon. Most of these children are kids of house-helps.

I learned more from them than they learned from me.

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"Main to saara saara din rozay rakhti houn"

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Me: Main aap ki tasweer uttar sakhti houn?

Him: Nahi.

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"O Allah; Enlighten what is dark in me, Strengthen what is weak in me, Mend what is broken in me, Bind what is bruised in me, Heal what is sick in me, Straighten what is crooked in me, and Revive whatever Peace and Love has died in me. - Ameen”

Ramadan Kareem in advance to you and your family. May Allah help us live to our potential every single day. Please don’t forget the oppressed, sick and destitute in your duas.

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I admire those men who possess the quality of wearing so many hats and those too remarkably. I respect the father who loves his children so much and the same father who loves his wife just as much.

He told me that his wife had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C. She was inside the hospital getting some tests done while he was waiting outside with their kids. He bought them all ice-cream which they were devouring like it was the best ever thing they possessed (temporarily of course). He told me that they all went to school regularly and right now they had their Summer break. I asked him if he had ever wished for a daughter and he said that he would love to have one. By profession he sells milk and yogurt.

Both husband and wife had no means of communicating with one another as only one of them owned a mobile phone. That’s why he kept looking at the entrance door of the hospital which was situated not so far away from the cafeteria where he stood.

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